Insects and Spiders and Others

I love bugs! Yes, there are a few (very few) that make me squeamish, but I love most bugs: insects, spiders, and other wee creatures with 6, 8, or multiple legs. I can often be found in my backyard, with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i, trying to capture as many photos of flying insects as I can. I might also be caught with my Google Pixel smart phone, zooming in on spiders. I have discovered the DSLR is great for capturing insects that move quickly, but the Pixel is the perfect macro camera for the shots I want.

These little guys are 2×2″ acrylic on canvas. They have magnetic stripping on the back and would serve well as refrigerator magnets.

These are larger – 3×3″ – and gouache on canvas.

All can be found in my shop for sale.

Burlesque Moth is in a private collection and is 5×7″ gouache:

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