Stripes – A Soccer Team of Animals with Stripes

Stripes is an International Female Animal Soccer Team.

Coach Concepcion Chrysocyon of Bolivia is the only non-herbivore on the team. She’s a Maned Wolf from Bolivia, a species which is currently in Near Threatened status. She’s actually a sweet coach.

Assistant Coach Tuli Tatarica is a Saiga Antelope from Kazakhstan, a species which is currently Critically Endangered. She’s not tall, but she gets the point across.

Destin Johnston, Team Captain, Center position, is an okapi from the Congo. Her people are Endangered.

The rest of the team is subject to your best guess of the position played:

Gretchen Tragelaphus, a lesser Kudu from the Horn of Africa. Near Threatened.

Jamilah Somaliensis, a Somali Ass. She was born in Europe, but hails from Somalia. Somali Asses are a subsecies of the Critically Enangered African Wild Ass.

Hani Gerenuk Garanuug, a Gerenuk (or “giraffe antelope”). Central Africa. Near Threatened.

Penda “Penny” Bongo, a Bongo from Kenya. Near Threatened.

LaToya Pronghorn, fastest member of the team, from the western United States. Least Concern.

Neo Quagga, “gift” in Basotho. She’s a genetic miracle due to the Quagga Project, dedicated to bringing back this particular subspecies of the Plains Zebra. Quagga went Extinct in 1883.

Seraphina Sitatunga, a marshbuck, and possibly the best player in the rain. She’s from Botswana. Least Concern.

Sandy Zwartble, from Norway. is a Zwartble sheep. She is the only domestic player on the field. Least Concern.

Emma Kiger, from southeast Oregon, USA, is a Kiger Mustang. Least Concern.

Grace Eland, Team goal keeper, an Eland of east Africa. Least Concern.

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