Ten Wreck Hedgehog – a Band of Critters

These rodents rock and roll! Or maybe they sing emo. Or a little R&B.

We have Skeeter, the happy-go-lucky brother of the leader of the band. He’s rarely serious as a lead guitar, but when he is, he’s got the riffs. He can often be found bouncing around in the mosh pit (much to the dismay of fans – hedgehogs aren’t all fuzzy and soft). His big brother is Rizzo Atelerix, the hedgehog in the band’s name. Rizzo has the voice of a hedghog-sized Eddie Mercury. Freddie P. Jerboa is the beat man. He also writes a lot of the band’s original tunes. He uses his long, tufted, tail to balance on his drum stool.Titi D. Rotten, born Tim Tenrec, is the Ten Wreck of the band’s name. He plays a mean bass guitar and all he’s ever done to enhance his look is to add some ear piercings (yes, that’s his natural fur color). Kamal Saadim Wardi is a key-board playing black-and rouge elephant shrew from Somalia.

*2.5×3.5″ or 3×3″ acrylic on canvas. Images may appear larger when clicked on. Not sold individually, only as a set.

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